Barbara Belmont, MSc, ACUE

Lecturer, CSU Dominguez Hills Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Teaching CHE230, Quantitative Analysis, this semester

Office: SCI 320

Contact: Get my office phone and email address by searching on my last name in the CSUDH Directory

Office Hours: I keep regular office hours during the Fall and Spring semesters, see current syllabus for those times.

Appointments: Find a mutually convenient time to meet outside of office hours via my calendar.

photo of Barbara in the lab photocredit to Tara Pixley

About Me

Classes I've taught:

CHE 230 Resources

Essays about Science


Research Interests

I have many interests -- from developing or enhancing experiments for the analytical chemistry classroom, to using analytical techniques for characterizing or investigating a chemical conundrum. I am committed to taking on at least one research student per semester to do research for course credit. Talk to me to see whether our mutual interests may lead to me advising/mentoring you in directed research or a supervised project at CSUDH. Here is a list of some projects that I have advised:

  1. Supported by the 2013 Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburg Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Research grant
  2. Supported by CSUDH RISE
  3. Supported by CSUDH Office of Undergraduate Research
  4. Supported by CSUDH McNair Scholars Program
  5. Supported by CSUDH LS-AMP Program
  6. Supported by Learning Aligned Employment Program (LAEP)
  7. Supported by MSEIP-STALP